My Son’s Moving Up and Recognition (pre-school)

My Handsome SonMy son Obi is 4 years old. We sent him to pre-school, Nursery level, to our Church School (Liberty Christian Academy). Some would argue that he is too young to go to school. But our main reason for sending him was for him to develop his social skills. We don’t push him to study. There are times when he really doesn’t want to read or write or count, and we just let him play. There are times also that he is the one asking his mom to teach him, and we do take advantage of that time. We’re not looking for academic excellence yet, just him being able to mingle with other children and learn to do things independently (we bring him to school at 11 in the morning, and we leave him there and just fetch him at 12:30 after his class).

Yesterday, their school year closed and they conducted their Moving Up (for Nursery and Kindergarten kids) and Graduation (for Preparatory to Grade 1 kids) ceremony. I (and I know my wife is also) was excited for that day. Being a parent, it’s a thrilling experience seeing your child go up the stage to bow to everyone for his success for the one year of hard work for him, for us and for the teachers also. We even invited my father (my son’s grandfather, obviously) to my son’s ceremony. He is the one who went up with my son for my son’s character awards.

My son wasn’t able to get any academic awards (he suffered furuncle – ‘pigsa’ on their last quarter of schooling and he wasn’t able to go to school for one week), but he got four character awards: Most Independent, Most Energetic, Most Helpful and Most Improved.

I am a proud father!

Here are the photos I was able to snap during the ceremony.

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